Lecturers fall asleep in seminars alongside their students

Even though I am a second year and have been racking my brains in earnest to be sure I really did get into the sociology faculty, and although I really do have reasons to be thankful for it (although to be honest, my thanks are due to certain individuals and not to the faculty as a whole), it never entered my blond head or my understanding that some of these things could ever happen:

Seminars on management are given by a person who has never worked as a manager even at the lowest level, who has no idea how a modern company functions in the real world; by a person who is religious to the point of blindness and certain that: ‘women can never become fully fledged directors in Russia.'

Lecturers fall asleep in seminars alongside their students.

A specialist syllabus in the methodology of ‘sociology' is compiled from the outset so that it does not include a single quantifiable element that can be used to determine the student's overall grade. (For example: ‘the student must give a presentation on...')

‘A quality education' is conducted according to the principle: ‘let's include some pretty packaging because then the sweets will look more tasty' and ‘this document says that the student must audit the course - so attend on pain of death'.

The only practical investigations we perform are conducting opinion polls compiled by dilettantes and non-sociologists; tons of time is wasted in explaining that if your survey has 65 questions, your respondent will throw it out.

There is no library in the faculty.

All the really accomplished lecturers are dismissed - and blah blah blah - all this has been said many times already.

It is entirely ok that my fellow students have started with the things at the tip of the iceberg, this, in my opinion, is a very sensible step. And this at least proves that all those courses in PR and communications are being taken on board! On that note, while Kapych does, of course, have a complex personality, he is a fantastic lecturer, I listened to his lectures with pleasure. What a shame that he is no longer in charge of the Department of PR and Advertising.

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фото плода 37 недель беременности
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