Who is going to answer our questions?

When I think of my studies in this faculty, I do so with great joy and am unable to suppress a smile.

Unfortunately many of the wonderful lecturers who taught us for five years are no longer members of the faculty. How could this happen? Where are Gnedenko, Zavalishina, Ivanov and Slabov? What is going on with E.K. Prokudina? And what devil, excuse me, has replaced Trofimov? This replacement is the one responsible for the stupid entry card system which prevents other students in our university from entering our faculty. Sure, turnstiles are useful things from the security point of view, but why can't students from other faculties enter ours any longer? How stupid is it that when you lose your entry card you can only use a temporary pass once?

Why are we being taught by graduate students more and more frequently when they don't always bother to turn up to lectures and seminars?

Why is it that each time I drop into the administrative division, I must feel in some way indebted to these women, and that ‘if you are so sick and tired of us all, it would have been better not to come.' Why such a discourteous attitude to students?

Why doesn't the faculty invite famous scholars, writers, lecturers or well-known entrepreneurs to talk to us? We are subsisting on dry theory from books.

I even remember a time in the first year when we went from one building to another like homeless children so we could have a chance to study; meanwhile, our dean collected money for repairs, and not just for repairs.

What has happened to V.I. Dobren'kov? It seems he has withdrawn completely from life of his very own faculty which he nurtured so carefully over many years Why is it Trofimov who answers all the questions these days? Because he is the son of one of the pro-rectors? I don't think that gives him such a right!

Why has our year group been without a tutor for a very long time and why are the tutor's duties carried out by external people?

Who is going to answer our questions? Mr Dobren'kov or Trofimov? What have you turned OUR faculty into?

OD Group Members, I support your project with all my heart, I am in agreement with ABSOLUTELY all your proposals! God willing you will keep it up and make our faculty an asset to MGU, not the ‘lowest caste in MGU'. WE ARE WITH YOU.